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Dusting off the files

The only thing weirder than seeing your (first) novel out there is seeing a different version of it.  It’s so strange it’s almost like getting a second novel published!   Though in some ways, the recently-released mass-market version of Mirrored Heavens is a different novel, because (unlike the trade paperback), the mass market contains a […]

Top Ten Science-Based Sci-Fi Movies (Revised)

 This is a revised version of a list I posted on my blog a couple of days ago that was also farked.  I was convinced that the Alien and Aliens movies had a number of shortcomings compared to some other films and have added on a couple of others in their place.  The tragedy is […]

A video interview with S.C. Butler

Somewhere just outside Pittsburgh at the SF convention Confluence, I sat down with S.C. Butler and talked to him about his career, his books, and more. The sound may be a bit low and need turned up. To share this video and see it’s original page, click here.

Author Information

David J. Williams

Descended from Australian convicts, David J. Williams nonetheless managed to be born in Hertfordshire, England, and subsequently moved to Washington D.C. just in time for Nixon’s impeachment. Graduating from Yale with a degree in history some time later, he narrowly escaped the life of a graduate student and ended up doing time in Corporate America, which drove him so crazy he started moonlighting on video games and (as he got even crazier) novels. The Autumn Rain trilogy sold to Bantam in the summer of 2007; the release of THE MACHINERY OF LIGHT completes the series. Visit site.

Mike Brotherton

Professional astronomer, science fiction novelist (Star Dragon, Spider Star). Visit site.

Tobias Buckell
Tobias Buckell

Tobias is a professional blogger, freelance writer, and author of 2 novels. His Caribbean roots often inform his fiction, but so does his love of technology, science, and the rapidly changing world all around us. Visit site.



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