August roundup; September forecast

We had a fun during August with our first “themed month.” For those who may have missed them, here’s a roundup of the posts made on the topic of cities and the countryside:

And, of course, unthemed posts from other members: David B. Coe with “A Quick Guide to Making the Most of Conventions” and James Alan Gardner with the newest installment in his Skill List Project, “Discipline”.

There’s another theme for September (which I should have posted two days ago, but I plead birthday followed by U.S. federal holiday). This month, we will be ranting about worldbuilding choices that don’t make sense: shiny things dropped into settings for which they are not at all plausible. Please use the site-provided face masks to protect yourselves from any rabid spittle that may fly . . . .

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  1. 1. Mary

    O boy that’s one to get the fur to fly.

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