‘Tis the Season

We’ve reached that point in the year, when everyone is rushing about hither and yon, when we scarcely have time to breathe, much less to write well-reasoned blog posts and/or comments.  Therefore, I’ll keep this post short and sweet, and I’ll ask a single question:

What speculative-fictional gifts are you hoping to give or receive this year?

My answers are many, but headlining the list is movie tickets to see THE HOBBIT (even though I have sincere doubts/reservations about the three-film break out…)

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that all the SFNovelists have books on offer for you to buy for your loved ones (including yourself!)  Feel free to browse the weblinks on our home page, to see the latest and greatest from our members!

Mindy, looking forward to hearing others’ gift ideas!

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  1. 1. Deborah Blake

    I keep buying books…but they’re all gifts for myself :-)

    And I hope to go see the Hobbit too.

    I have a friend whose wishlist includes DVDs of the 1st season of Buffy, if that counts!

  2. 2. Mary

    I saw the trailer and was thinking that it was shifted toward Lord of the Rings — then, The Hobbit was kinda inconsistent in tone, and the ending was much more LOTRish than the beginning.

  3. 3. Mindy Klasky

    Deb – You do that too? Buying books for yourself instead of for the people on your list? So glad I’m not alone!

    Mary – I haven’t read THE HOBBIT in years, but I remember the end as being much more “noble” than the rollicking beginning. Hmm… maybe it’s time for a quick re-read!


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