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I’m making this post from Chicago, where I’m attending the World Science Fiction Convention.  This year, I’m registered as Morgan Keyes, because I’m celebrating the release of my first-ever middle-grade novel, DARKBEAST [Amazon | B & N | Indiebound]. My programming is relatively light — I’m participating in the writers’ workshop, and I have a reading and autographing session.  I’m presenting my one-woman show on Rites and Rituals of Coming of Age, an adjunct to DARKBEAST.

But I’m not on any formal panels this year, group discussions with other authors.  That’s probably because the “Morgan Keyes” name isn’t all that well-known.  Or maybe it’s because my suggested panel topics weren’t interesting to anyone else but me ::wry grin::  “Talking Beasts:  Animals in Fantasy Fiction” anyone?

So?  If you were creating your own science fiction and/or fantasy convention, what panel topics would you include?  What would you most like to hear panelists discuss — in the realm of books, media, costuming, fandom, and whatever else comes to mind?

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  1. 1. Mary

    I’m a little dry on this one because I’ve just been offering topic panels for a convention. 0:)

    Though one I’ve tried to bring up and not gotten on a schedule was the notion of death and its effects on realism, and how a name is better protection than plate armor.

  2. 2. Mindy Klasky

    Mary – funny, how real world will intrude on abstract blog posts, huh? :-) I really like the idea of your “name” panel! I can even think of books I’d drop into that discussion – in the blink of an eye!

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