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Just a quick post from me today, because I am deep in the throes of finishing DARKBEAST REBELLION (sequel to DARKBEAST, which you’ll be seeing on August 28 of this year…)  I *thought* that I was writing the penultimate chapter yesterday, but that turned out to be a lie, because I had to add one more chapter.  Then, I thought that I was writing the penultimate chapter today, but that’s turning out to be a lie, because I need to add one *more* chapter.  I know it’ll pay off in the end (and no one will be able to say that I rushed things!) but it’s a little frustrating to see my carefully-constructed timetable unraveling like this.


Here’s my question for you today:  Which conventions do you go to (or do you wish you *could* go to, if you’re not able to get there in person…)?  What are they like?  I wish that I had one of those personality quiz things, you know?  Where I could say that I prefer coffee-fudge-ribbon ice cream, and my favorite color is dark blue and I’m more an art museum girl than a zoo type girl, and then someone would say, “You are Con-tastic!” with a link for me to register…

So?  Advise away!

Mindy, ducking back into her writing lair…

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  1. 1. Linda Adams

    I’ve been to quite a few over the years. I’ve been a long time fan of several science fiction TV shows, so I’ve been to cons all over the US, including a few very strange ones. It depends on what you want out of the con. My early cons were, frankly, to see actors, so all of the ones I went to were heavy in actor sight-seeing. I stopped going for a while because I was no longer collecting photos of actors, and the fans in the fandom I was in got nutty. Earlier this year, I went to Marscon, which didn’t have any actors, but did have several writing workshops and a whole lot of zombies.

    Each con can be quite different, so you’ll need to do some research. There’s ones gaming, comic books, science fiction, horror, TV. Some will give you an agenda from last year’s workshops so you can see what to attend. When you go, you’ll find lots of people in costume, probably a lot of partying, a lot of strange and fun things. It’s sort of like an adult part for science fiction and fantasy.

    Cons I’m going to: Ravencon, Balticon, possibly Shore Leave. These are all local for me, and not a long drive. DragonCon is another possibility — that’s a huge con in Georgia, but requires flying. GeekGirls is another possibility for the future, but it’s in Washington State, so flying again.

  2. 2. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

    My favorite con is WisCon. It’s the world’s first feminist SF/F convention. The focus is more on books, so it draws authors, agents and publishers, but not actors. It’s relatively easy to get on panels–and suggest them. They even have a good child care program. It’s also in my favorite city (Madison, Wisconsin), so there are a lot of good restaurants and fun things to do while you’re there. The website is http://www.wiscon.info.

  3. 3. JM Ogaick

    I generally attend GenCon. They have a writers symposium along side the usual gaming activities. Plus I get to meet a few fantasy writers I grew up reading.
    This year I’m hoping to attend World Science Fiction Con aka Chicon 7, and World Fantasy Con 2012.

  4. 4. Kari Sperring

    Well, being British, my home con is the annual British Eastercon, which I rarely miss, and usually work at — and enjoy hugely. And I like small cons, like the Unicon series over here.
    I enjoy Worldcon if I know I have people I will know to hang out with. The cons I most want to attend are Sirens and Mythcon, and they sound like my kind of thing.

  5. 5. Marie Andreas

    Well, let’s see:

    I go to San Diego Comic Con every year (20 years); went to Farscape cons (10 years)- because I’m a writer, I do love those as well- SDSU Writer’s Conf (3+ years); So Cal Writer’s Conf, La Jolla Writer’s conf, and RT.

    I love conferences- both writer and fan- it’s wonderful to be around folks who are as crazy as you are!

  6. 6. Mary

    I regularly attend Arisia, Boskone, and Lunacon.

  7. 7. Elias McClellan

    My Mrs. gave me ThrillFest for my b-day this year and we’re going in July. It’s geared, (as the name might imply) toward thrillers, crime and suspense. Jack Higgins is making an appearance and there are multiple workshops as well as a meet/pitch with 60 agents.

    I would LOVE to go to WisCon and the San Franciso Writer’s Conference. Hopefully, next year, if I’m a good boy…

    Great topic, Ms. Klasky.

  8. 8. Mindy Klasky

    Circling back around after a crazy week of novel deadlines…

    Thank you, all, for your suggestions. I would *love* to get to many of these conferences. This year, I’m hoping to hit Worldcon and World Fantasy, with my own local Capclave in the mix. Now, to figure out another couple of cons to round out the picture…

  9. 9. tanya

    DragonCon….its huge and love the tracks offered.

  10. 10. Mindy Klasky

    Thanks, Tanya! I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the size of DragonCon! But perhaps it is in my future…

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