You Don’t Know Me

There’s a T-shirt that vendors sell to tourists near the National Mall.  It purports to be from the Federal Witness Protection Program, and it says:  “You Don’t Know Me”.  For the first time in my life, I’m thinking of buying one.

Because, for the first time in my life, I’m writing a novel under a pen name.  My pseudonym for my middle grade novel, Darkbeast, is no great secret — it’s Morgan Keyes.  It wasn’t chosen to fool readers (although I wouldn’t mind if it fooled a few computerized ordering services for bookstores…)  Rather, I’ve adopted a pen name because I’m appealing to a new audience of younger readers, readers who might not be ready for the steamier scenes in my category romance novels.  Any young reader with access to Google will likely find my Mindy Klasky persona in about twenty-seven seconds flat.

Nevertheless, I get to create an identity for Morgan Keyes.  I get to decide if Morgan is male or female (or keep that identity secret, at least for a while.)  I get to decide if Morgan is a gritty, urban resident, or if s/he prefers the bucolic countryside.  I get to decide if Morgan writes with an academic tone, or if s/he is more accessible.

All of those decisions get rolled into Morgan’s online presence, the website .  Morgan’s website is much moodier, much more atmospheric than Mindy’s website (for comparison’s sake:  There is also, at this relatively early stage, less substantive information on Morgan’s site.  Nevertheless, you can learn a little about Morgan, and you can read part of the original short story that was the backbone for the novel.  Also, you can take a quiz to find out which animal is your personal darkbeast.

Check out the new website.  Let me know what you think it says about Morgan.  What do you look for in an author’s website?  What features do you despise?

Mindy/Morgan, still shaping a new online presence!

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  1. 1. carmen webster buxton

    Can I tell you what a pain it is to have two identities? Just keeping the email straight is brutal!

  2. 2. Mindy Klasky

    Carmen – I completely understand! I have enough trouble, already, juggling my writing name and my married name!

  3. 3. Mike Barker

    Um… links in the posting don’t work quite right. Here’s one

    and the other

  4. 4. Mindy Klasky

    Mike – Yikes! Thanks for the catch – I’ve corrected them in the post.

  5. 5. Elias McClellan

    @1&2, to quote Marlo Stanfield from “The Wire,” those are GOOD problems. Best of fortune to you, Ms. Klasky. Or should I say M. Keyes?

  6. 6. Mindy Klasky

    Elias – We should all quote from The Wire, as early and as often as possible :-)


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