Moving Day

Moving day is finally here.  Or at least almost here.  Next Tuesday, to be precise.  After twenty-seven years in Brooklyn it’s time to move on.

Moving is one of the reasons I haven’t gotten much writing done so far this year, though the new baby probably has a lot to do with it, too.  In fact the decision to move and the new baby both happened at more or less the same time, and it’s been eight months now since both.  I have written very little since.

Mostly this is because I am a writer who prizes routine.  I like to write in the same place, at the same time, every day.  I like to listen to the same mix tapes, whether punk rock or Vivaldi, because I am habituated to the order of the songs.  I like to break up my day with the same lunch (peanut butter and jelly) at the same time, and spend an hour in the morning and another in the late afternoon doing my other chores.  I like to procrastinate in the same way at the same time, with Freecell or Civ, before I finally settle down to work.

I like routine because it frees my mind to focus on the writing.  I have always been a terrible multi-tasker.  My family may think I’m walking around in a fog most of the time, but the fact is I’m actually not in a fog at all, but somewhere else entirely, annoying my characters.

But babies won’t let you walk around in a fog (at least not that kind of fog).  Nor will moving, especially if you’ve been doing it regularly for the last five months, with long days driving where you can’t get any writing done even if you wanted to, and the house in Brooklyn still crammed with stuff that you have to worry about packing or throwing away and nothing is where you want it to be because it’s already packed.  It’s really just a lot easier to play Freecell all day.

Which is why, for any number of reasons, I am really, really looking forward to moving.  And finding my routine again, whatever it might be.

So I can finally get the monkey off my back and write.

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  1. 1. Steve Buchheit

    Good luck with the move, Sam. Hope you find your new groove in the new place.

  2. 2. NewGuyDave

    Good luck with the move. May your barbeque NOT fall off the back of the truck and shatter into a hundred pieces.


  3. 3. Elias McClellan

    The only thing worse than moving is looking for a job. Good luck and a speedy return to normacy, Mr. Butler.

  4. 4. S.C Butler

    Steve – Thanks for the good wishes. As I am now five hours farther away from Pittsburgh than before, I may not make Confluence till I have another book out. And I do enjoy Confluence.

    NewGuyDave – Grill was bought there, so no truck damage anticipated.

    Elias – Worse by a long, long stretch. Thankfully, I’m not job hunting.

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