Something Completely Different… Fright Court

And now for something completely different… For me, anyway…

You’ve all heard the outcry:  Electronic publishing!  Self-publishing!  The end of the world as we know it!

Starting this Friday, I’m doing my own little experiment, to see if I can end single-handedly end the world.  I am launching my next novel, FRIGHT COURT, as a reader-supported serialized novel.  (Yep, that’s me – following in Charles Dickens’s footsteps…)

Here’s the deal:

I’ll post a chapter a week, every Friday, until the novel is completely published.  You’ll stop by my website and read.  And if you are so moved, you’ll click on the “Donate” button at the bottom of the page.  And if you donate at certain levels, you’ll collect cool prizes.

Sounds easy, huh?

Oh.  It’s still confusing.

Okay.  You’ll stop by my website and read.  (If it isn’t May 6 when you’re reading this post, you can’t read the first Fright Court chapter yet, but you can learn all about the novel.)

If you are so moved, you’ll click on the Donate button.  And you’ll get prizes.

Fright Court is a novel about lawyers, vampires, and cupcakes.  And just for fun, you can find out What Kind of Cupcake Are You? Go on.  Click that link.  You know you want to.

I promise that the novel will be finished – no one will be left hanging in the lurch, wondering how lawyers and vampires and cupcakes all fit together.

So do me a favor, huh?  Spread the word!  I want to see what kind of cupcakes are wandering around, masquerading as readers of speculative fiction!

And let me know what you think about this model of publishing.  Do you think that authors can or should ask for donations to support their original writing published online?  Would you ever be willing to make such a donation?  Why or why not?

Mindy, excited about this new project!

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  1. 1. Dawn Jurgens

    OK Mindy I will try this new fangled way of reading one of your novels but I would much rather be able to sit and devour one of your novels and not have it doled out to me. I am on good at denying myself pleasure.

  2. 2. Dawn Jurgens

    My last comment should read ‘no good’

  3. 3. karen wester newton

    Once the entire thing has gone up, will you self publish it in its entirety, too? Some of use find serial reading only slightly less annoying than present tense novels. I can do Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords. I cannot do reading in chunks. Seriously, do I LOOK like I have that kind of self restraint?

  4. 4. Clothdragon

    Stephen King did this — I had to look it up — a decade ago.

    I don’t know if there’s anything to learn from his attempt, but he’s the big name that tried. I think that your intent to put the whole thing up no matter what happens (and not changing the price midway through) — oh, and the extra time for ebooks and ereaders to mature — will give yours a better following.

    I am also not a serial reader, but I would happily come along at the end and read through the whole thing.

  5. 5. Clare K. R. Miller

    Excellent, it’s great to see more trad-published authors doing online serials! You sound like you have this all in hand, but if you want any more ideas or advice or just to connect with other authors doing online serials, check out:

  6. 6. Andrea K Hosth

    It’s a model which works very well for web comics (I’ve donated to web comic artists, and subsequently bought bound volumes of web comics). I’ve not heard of it working particularly well for ‘sponsored fiction’.

    When it comes to it, there are so many books which I _could_ be reading, that one which is going to be parcelled out in chunks is one which I’d need a very compelling reason to start.

    And then there’s that thing which happened with (was it Diane Duane?), and other commitments getting in the way of the sponsored story.

  7. 7. Mindy Klasky

    Dawn – it’s great to see you here! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Dawn, Karen, and Andrea – Yep, I’ll be publishing the entire novel as an e-pub after I do the serialization. No reason to let it sit and rot later on, right?

    Clothdragon – I suspect that my definition of “financially successful” and Mr. King’s vary by many, many zeroes :-) That said, I was intrigued to read King’s comments at the time that he tried THE PLANT. The market has definitely evolved since then.

    Clare – Thanks for the links – very interesting!

    Andrea – I think that some authors’ failure to deliver has poisoned the well to some extent. I’ve been trying to decide whether it’s better to announce “this novel is completely drafted” to reassure people that there *is* an end, or whether the excitement of serialization would be dimmed by that…

  8. 8. Elias McClellan

    This is very interesting stuff, Ms. Klasky. I see this as much more immediately relevant than Mr. King’s attempt. Please do keep us updated with notes from the front.

  9. 9. Marlene Dotterer

    I think this is marvelous idea. I will read it, for sure. And YES – authors always deserve to be paid for their work. I don’t consider it donating, I consider it purchasing. If I’m reading your novel, I should pay you for it.

    I’m interested in how this turns out for you. Sharon Lee and Steve Miller did this with two of their Liaden novels (Fledgling and Saltation), and it worked out great. So, good luck with this!

    Now, to go find out what kind of cupcake I am….

  10. 10. Stevie Carroll

    I’m already following one serial novel by email, and shall have to start following yours too come Friday.

  11. 11. Mindy Klasky

    Elias – Thanks for the kind words! Mr. King and I write very different stuff – I suspect that *his* cupcakes would be quite horrific!

    Marlene – Great to see you here! And thanks for your supportive words about authors getting paid. Sharon and Steve’s success is one of the things that led me to try this…

    Stevie – Many thanks! I look forward to seeing you on Friday!

  12. 12. Daemon

    I bought the whole Glasswrights series ages back, so I’m certainly interested in at least checking this out.

    The first issues is that I have very little interest in reading a novel on my PC screen… Might I recommend adding an EPUB or MOBI version of the novel for those of us with e-readers?

    They are the two most commonly used formats (mobi for the kindle, epub for just about everything else), and converting from whatever format you are using now shouldn’t be too hard. Sigil’s free/open source and does a fairly decent job.

    The other issue is that I would probably finding waiting until next week rather frustrating. I tend to read a complete novel in a few hours with as few interruptions as possible. I’d probably just wait until the entire thing was available, and read it at one shot.

    Provided I enjoy it, and can get a complete, properly formatted ebook at the end, I’d certainly consider throwing money your way.

  13. 13. Mindy Klasky

    Daemon – thanks for the comments! I completely understand your preference for ebooks, rather than serialization. I’m experimenting with the latter for this, but I’ll release FRIGHT COURT as an ebook, once the experiment ends. I hope that you’ll enjoy it, if you choose to read it!

  14. 14. James A. Owen

    Awesome, Mindy dear. Will be cheering for you the whole way!


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