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It may surprise you to know that there are several dozen SFNovelists members.  Many don’t post on this blog.  When asked, some of those non-posters say that they don’t know what readers want; therefore, they don’t write for this space.

So, this is your chance.  Tell us a couple of things:

1.  Who are you?  Not your name; rather, tell us a “status”.  Are you a writer?  A reader?  An editor of short fiction?  A member of SFNovelists?  This will help us to figure out posts that are meaningful to you.

2.  What do you want to hear about?  Do you want posts about writing craft?  About the exciting, exotic life of an author?  About politics, religion, and sex?  (Don’t expect a lot, in those latter categories…)

3.  How do you read this blog?  Do you go to the SFNovelists website?  Do you pick us up in a reader, like Google Reader?

Thanks for your input!  We hope to use your replies to make this blog more relevant for you!

Mindy, playing housekeeper

P.S.  I’ll be away from my computer for parts of today, so if you’re a first time poster, please be patient until I have a chance to approve your comment(s)!

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  1. 1. Wolf Lahti

    Choose one:

    Wolf is a professional writer, actor, artist, editor, poet, photographer, singer/songwriter, and an amateur everything else. Wish him luck.


    Wolf is a name-dropping wanna-be poser who, although he doesn’t outright lie about his talents and experience, deliberately misleads you (and himself) into thinking he is more accomplished than he actually is. Do not encourage him.

  2. 2. Angela Korra'ti

    I’m a writer (currently epubbed via Drollerie Press) and a reader both. Not a member of SFNovelists, although both my writing and my reading are heavily SF/F-oriented, which is what drew me here in the first place.

    What I’d enjoy reading about, in no particular order:

    * New releases
    * Re-releases of anything in backlist, especially if it’s electronic
    * Resources that have been helpful for building SF/F novels–whether they be awesome research texts, good information sites (such as theoi.com if you’re researching Greek mythology, say), helpful computer programs or apps to help you manage your drafts, or what

    As to what method I use to read the site, I come in off of Google Reader. :)

  3. 3. Mary

    I’m a writer, a Published Small Fry with a few stories having appeared in anthologies and magazines and I’m mostly interested in the writing craft. I read on the site.

  4. 4. Kaitlyn R. Miller

    I’m a reader and a writer (though barely published thus far). I’d say I’m mostly interested in posts about writing craft. I pick up SFNovelists in Google Reader but I do usually go to the site, as the comments are worth the read! Actually, of all the blogs I read, this is probably the one I leave the reader for most often.

  5. 5. Laura

    I am a wanna be writer, who is learning the craft verrrryyyy slowly.

    I read via the site and post occasionally.

    I enjoy the personal tidbits on how everyone handles being a writer around every day life. I do have enough books on grammar and technical writing.

  6. 6. Seabrooke

    I’m a writer and a reader; not a member of SFNovelists. I visit the blog primarily for the insight into the writing craft and writing life (including the mysteries of the publication process that follows once the book has been written, which I think all unpublished writers are particularly curious about); I come specifically to this blog for those aspects of the subjects unique to SF/F over other genres, or for the SF/F spin on things. I read virtually all blogs via Google Reader these days – I’d lose track, otherwise!

  7. 7. Daemon

    Right now, I’m mostly a reader – primarily fantasy, with some horror and sf mixed in. I am a writer as well, though I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing regularly, unless you count academic writing. Which I don’t, at the moment.

    I’m mostly interested in how-to sort of information. Different author’s takes on plotting, characterization, story structure, and all that sort of thing, but also the business side.

    I read the blog via RSS.

  8. 8. Onion

    I am a reader and fan. And I want to read about whatever you want to blog about that hopefully can be related to your work. I come here as a fan who wants to know more about some of the authors she reads. And, thus, the third question is answered.

  9. 9. Ziv

    1. I’m a reader, an all-around F/SF enthusiast, occasional reviewer/critique-provider, and erstwhile writer. I’m kind of better at absorbing writing advice than I am at implementing it.

    2. I’m interested primarily in writing craft; also very much on the professional/publishing side. But, I’ve read a lot in these areas, so a lot of well-tread topics here are very familiar to me. I actually really enjoy SFNovelists for the versatility and scope its members provide. I would actually *love* to hear more about politics, religion, and sex – as they relate to writing (or, perhaps more aptly, to being written about). In other words, I’d be particularly interested in hearing how authors approach subjects they consider to be difficult, or simply _different_ and unique.

    3. Google reader FTW.

  10. 10. Megs

    Both reader/writer. I used to come straight here, but now I do the reader thing. My favorite posts are where y’all talk about either real meaty stuff about the writing craft (esp. worldbuilding; I’m a sucker for that) or stuff about your books and what you were thinking or what you were putting into them (the reader side over here). Not so big on some of the author life posts: primarily the ones that won’t translate to a girl that never intends to do a whole lot of marketing or leave home to go to a conference (conference updates to me have always been boring, unless you’re summarizing that meaty stuff). But that’s me. Because I’m a girl that never intends to do a whole lot of marketing or leave home for…anywhere.

    I kind of fall on the indie-ish side of the writing equation, but I still love to hear about the whole editorial/publishing process and all that. So I don’t know. More of what you’re doing, and more about your books!

  11. 11. Gina

    I’m a huge reader, but lately I’ve been on the writing side. I love it, and I’m trying to learn as much as I can. I visit the website. Keeping myself motivated has been my biggest hurdle so far.

    I would love articles about the writing craft, especially what works for that particular author and what doesn’t. I’d especially love advice on how to make a book “whole,” with subplots and setting quirks that fill the book out and make it seem real.

    In general though, just keep posting! Whatever crosses your writerly minds. =]

  12. 12. Mindy Klasky

    Thanks, everyone who has taken the time to comment! (And if you haven’t commented yet, we’re still reading!)

  13. 13. Mac

    I love the worldbuilding/how to do research and the self-motivation posts. (Actually, I quite like all the posts, but that’s not helpful. ;-D)

  14. 14. Elias McClellan

    I’m the aspiring (painful for a man my age) and woefully unpublished writer of two crime manuscripts and avid, if new to the game, reader of SF/F. As Ms Brennan, Mr Butler, and Mr Hines may validate, I’m also the general pain-in-the-tuckus-fanboy here.

    I want to read everything any of you want to write about the business, the mechanics, and especially the joys and pains of your experiences.

    At a recent signing, I peppered Walter Mosley with my favorite question: What would you do differently?

    I’d truly love to read this from all several dozen members. Thank you, as always, for a thoughtful post.

  15. 15. Monique

    I’m an unpublished spec fiction writer, and I come here mostly for the information on the craft of writing, getting published and more general news in the field. New release information is also good, as I read authors who post here. I visit the main website daily or every other day to check for new posts.

  16. 16. Rubus

    I’m a reader, a consumer of books, it is my money that pay for your lifestyle, the cars, the houses and the parties. I come here for the occasional insight into the industry, but I usually happily skip the articles about the craft or individual book projects (but some I read like the post(s?) quite some time ago about finding names for all the characters in a book).

  17. 17. Cyd

    I’m a reader, mostly of science fiction, sometimes of fantasy.

    I love the posts about the writer’s process, world-building, research, what it’s like to be a writer doing those things, what it’s like to put one’s work out into the world, do book signings and meet fans, read reviews, write reviews, all sorts of things like that.

    I’ve also very much enjoyed explorations of themes in SF, the role of female characters in SF, anything along that line that can bring my own reading a greater depth of appreciation and understanding and historical perspective.

    I know that writers think a lot about a lot of things, and I find most of those things quite interesting to read about.

    I read the blog via Google reader.

  18. 18. Elias McClellan

    @ 17. Cyd, you perfectly articulated everything I attempted to say in my feeble little attempt @ 14. You rock.

  19. 19. John Ottinger

    1. Blogger, Reviewer, Writer of nonfiction and Grad student

    2. writing craft, literary criticism of genre

    3. google reader


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