Be It Resolved…

Yep – you’re probably already tired of reading about New Year’s Resolutions, but it’s January 1, and new beginnings are on my mind.

So…  Given the nature and topic of this blog, what are your science-fictional-and-fantastic-novelish resolutions?  Anything involving reading?  Writing?  Creating a new and better society?  Learning science or history or magic?

Mindy, with a handful of writing-related goals (not truly resolutions), and a focus on increasing personal health so that she can read and write more

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  1. 1. Deborah Blake

    I have two sets of goals (not resolutions, although close) for any given year. I find that they are helpful in keeping me focused on what I want to achieve.

    The personal stuff isn’t all that science-fiction-y (except maybe for my perennial goal to exercise more, which is taking on fairy tale status by now). But I AM aiming to get at least one of my urban fantasy or paranormal romance books published in 2011, so maybe that counts ?

    Happy New Year! May you achieve all your goals, even the far-fetched ones :-)

  2. 2. Andrew Mills

    I’m 4000 words deep into my Time Travel novel, so that hits the SciFi goal on the head, I’m hoping to finish the first draft this year in between study, work, exercise and maybe even a social life in there somewheres.

  3. 3. Ben Cirillo

    I’m actually going to do some writing this year, though it won’t be fiction. I’m blogging a series of culture/society essays at

  4. 4. Mindy Klasky

    Deb – I *totally* count urban fantasy and paranormal books in speculative fiction goal-making. And best of luck to you, in making that happen!

    Ben – I’ve always been draw to culture and society in well-thought-out speculative fiction. I’ll look forward to reading your essays!

  5. 5. Mindy Klasky

    Andrew – (sorry for the delay there, to approve your comment!) – Social life? What is this social life that you speak of?!? Seriously, good luck with the Time Travel novel!

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