Problem solved

Just a brief heads-up to anyone who noticed our site issues from Sunday until today: we had some WordPress difficulties that interfered with your ability to click through to entries, read or post comments, or generally do anything you might want to do on the site. Those should be resolved now, and our apologies for the unexpected downtime.

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  1. 1. Mindy Klasky

    Thanks so much for getting us back online! Will the blog feeds follow, as the site is rebuilt? (Let me know if I can help!)

  2. 2. Marie Brennan

    We’re currently discussing how best to handle piecing the different elements of the site together. But short form is that the blog feeds should be back before too much longer, yes.

    (Careful about volunteering help, though. Next thing you know, you’ll be on the committee with me and Lili . . . .)

  3. 3. Wolf Lahti

    Must be something in the stars. At least five sites I follow all died (temporarily) about the same time.

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