And So It Goes

Have you ever noticed how when the shit of your life hits the fan, that everything else in the world keeps going? Other people’s lives don’t stop and drop everything because yours does? I’m reminded of this now, as the my proverbial fan whirls. As I write this, I’m getting ready for an unexpected surgery and by the time this posts, I maybe under the knife. Or close to it.

Yet strangely, I find it oddly comforting that the world goes on without regard to my crisis. I mean, my friends have offered well wishes and help and they’ve really made me feel so much better about this. I’m scared, but I feel not alone in a way that I have in the past. I have a small family and they are always there for me, but suddenly my larger tribe has swelled with well wishes and positive thoughts and prayers. And yet their lives go on, as evidenced by their tweets and their blogs and facebook updates. I like this. I like that the world goes on, that “this too shall pass.” This surgery I’m going have is not one that is terribly difficult, though it has its risks. It does involve full anesthesia and a short hospital say, and a fairly lengthy recovery. I can recover from it, and I can work to improve my health so I don’t invite this trouble onto me again.

On a positive note, I’m between projects for the moment and I won’t be getting backed up and behind. That means for less stress. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, except for just a couple of thoughts. I’m glad for a day job that means that I have insurance. I don’t know where I’d be right now otherwise. I’ve been in the ER twice this week already, had an MRI, and now the surgery. Right now I’m dosed to the gills with drugs. They’re the only thing keeping me together until I get this surgery. The pain has been awful. So I’m grateful for those. I’m also looking forward to a marathon of reading or the LOTR movies, or both. We’ll see. I’m also grateful my day job has been working with me so that I can have the time I need for this. They’ve been remarkable.

And I’m grateful that other people continue to live and to laugh and to divert me from wallowing in my fears. It has helped more than I can say. So that’s my post for now. I’ll let you know how it all turns out next time.

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  1. 1. Stephanie Burgis

    Good luck in the surgery, Diana! I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. 2. Diana Pharaoh Francis

    Thanks Stephanie! I expect (hope for) entirely smooth sailing. And I’ll be much happier when I’m fixed and can function properly again.

  3. 3. NewGuyDave

    Good luck, Di. All the best with the surgery. Cheering for you from my center of the universe, and prayed to all eight of my gods. *wink*


  4. 4. Diana Pharaoh Francis

    Thanks Dave! I’m strangely cheerful about it all right now. I expect it’s the meds I’m on, or possibly the fact that spring is springing, or maybe it’s the puppy love I’m getting, or just that it’s getting to be old hat. Or I’m insane. Probably the last one. *sads*

  5. 5. S.C. Butler

    Go, meds! Especially if they’re making you cheerful. Seriously, though, good luck on the surgeries. Pulling for you from the East Coast.

  6. 6. Elias McClellan

    Can I see your stitches? I kid, I kid. Best of luck on your speedy recovery, Ms. Frances. I look forward to trying your patience again soon.

  7. 7. Diana Pharaoh Francis

    Hi Elias! Shall I tell you a secret? I’m bored to tears! I can’t focus enough not to sleep with all the drugs I’m having to take for pain, so I can’t really write and it’s driving me nuts. Am trying to read, but that has some troubles with a wandering mind. I’m not supposed to walk anywhere, so pretty much I’m a lump on a log. Sigh. One week away it looks like. Unless it’s moved up.

  8. 8. Keith

    You will be in my prayers. Hope for a swift & full recovery.

  9. 9. Diana Pharaoh Francis

    Thanks Keith!

  10. 10. Kelly McCullough

    Di, hopefully the surgery does or did go well. Sending positive waves your way.

  11. 11. Elias McClellan

    Okay, just remember, you said you were bored. Here goes,

    A caballero up from Mexico walks into a cantina in El Paso. Two old gringos are propped up at the bar and the 1st one says. “No Mex’cans allowed.”

    The caballero says, “Mi campaneros and I bring horse from Jalisco and we are muy thirsty. I’ll do anything to buy cerveza.”

    Gringo 2 says, “Anything, huh? Well if you can make my horse laugh, I’ll buy cerveza for you and your companeros.”

    The caballero thinks for a minute, then he walks out of the cantina and whispers in the horse’s ear. Immediately, the horse squeels in laughter. The gringo bought to kegs of cerveza.

    A year later, the same caballero and the same gringo end up at the same cantina that is now up for sale. The gringo says. “That damn horse is still laughing. If you can make him stop, I’ll buy this whole cantina for you.”

    The caballero leads the horse around back of the cantina. Seconds later, when he brings the horse back around, the horse is crying loudly.

    When the caballero hands over the reigns and claim his cantina the gringo is furious. “What did you do to my horse?”

    “I made him stop laughing but I didn’t hurt him.”

    “Then why is he crying?”

    The caballero smiled, “Last year I told him my shabongin was bigger than his.”

    “And?” The gringo demanded.

    “This year I showed him.”

  12. 12. Diana Pharaoh Francis

    Thanks Kelly!

    Elias, that was a horrible, horrible horrible joke. And it make me roll on fhe floor. I’m so easily amused. Thank you!

  13. 13. Elias McClellan

    So Farmer Brown was picking up supplies at the feed store when he met the veterinarian.

    “How’s that sick calf?” Asked the Vet.

    “Don’t have an sick calves,” said the farmer. “It was my cat that was sick.”

    “Oh no! That medication I gave you was for a bovine, not a feline. Is the cat okay?”

    “Yeah,” said the farmer. “I guess, I saw him and three of his friends out this morning. One was digging holes, another was covering ‘em up, and the third was scouting fresh territory.”

    You gotta get better soon, cause the jokes only get worse from here:)

  14. 14. Gabriele

    They will. :)

    So there’s that American tourist in a restaurant in Spain, looking around what the other guests eat. One dish in particular looks yummy, a pretty substantial, ball shaped piece of meat, with all the side stuffs.

    “What meat is that?” the tourist sys.

    “It’s bull testicles, Senor.”

    “Really? They look delicious. I’d like some.”

    “They are only fro preorder, Senor. We serve them after the bull fights.”

    “OK, can I get some tomorrow?”

    The landlord nods.

    Next day, the American comes into the taberna again and gets his expected testicles. But they are tiny things, no comparison with the big ones from the days before. So the tourist asks what’s the matter about those mini texticles. “I was expecting a much larger helping.”

    “This time the bull won the fight, Senor.”

  15. 15. Elias McClellan

    Ba-dum-BA! See, I warned you;)

  16. 16. David B. Coe

    All of us at MW will be thinking of you, Di, and wishing you a quick and full recovery.

  17. 17. Raethe

    Elias, Gabriele: Those jokes are horrible! Why am I laughing at them?

    Thinking of you, Di. Glad at least there’s an end in sight. Good luck with the surgery.

    Alas, I’m all out of jokes right now, horrible or otherwise. (A week with four/five big deadlines will do that to you. Let’s just say life has been going on for me as well.) ;)

  18. 18. Elias J. McClellan

    @17 Raethe, if I could write funny jokes I’d be on another website. Of course if I couldn’t make my wife laugh she’d never have married me. So all for easily amused.

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