Anniversaries, and Other Celebrations

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary.

Okay, that isn’t really important, for all you readers of the SFNovelists blog.  But it *is* important to me, as an author.  Just as my husband and I need to (get to!) decide how to celebrate our romantice-life-together landmark, I need to (get to!) decide how to celebrate the various accomplishments in my writing life.

Sometimes, my husband and I decide not to  have a formal celebration.  We tell each other how happy we are to be together, but we don’t need a big night out, we don’t need elaborate gifts, we don’t need glitz and glamour to confirm the rightness of our decision.

Other times, though, we want a little extra oomph.  We make reservations at our favorite steakhouse.  We find the perfect cards (he finds the perfect ones more often than I do.)  We exchange gifts that capture just the right flair of sentimentality.

Similarly, I celebrate writing accomplishments in a variety of ways.  Sometimes, I treat myself to a favorite meal, or an expensive book, or a treasured new pen.  Sometimes, I splurge on clothes (which I justify by saying I’ll wear them to a reading) or with a pedicure (which I justify by, um, necessity.  Yeah, that’s right.)

Other writing accomplishments, though, don’t get celebrated in the same way.  Sometimes, typing “The End” on a manuscript is sufficient celebration, in and of itself.  Sometimes, launching the next project, which has waited impatiently for my attention, is a pure joy.

If you’re a writer, what do you do to celebrate your writing accomplishments?  If you’re a reader, what do you do to celebrate your reading accomplishments (yes, finishing MOBY DICK deserves a celebration – and I type that as a lover of Melville!)?

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  1. 1. karen wester newton

    Congratulations, Mindy! May you and Mark have many more happy years together.

    Oddly, I am more self indulgent about failure than success. Doing well in contests and getting an agent made me happy in and of itself, but rejection letters always induced a need for consolation by NOT cooking or doing dishes.

    OK, I guess really, pretty much any excuse not to cook or do dishes will work.

  2. 2. Tom Gallier

    I’ve never celebrated a writing accomplishment. I might grin like an idiot for a week (no might about it, I do) when I sell something. I’ve written so many short stories and novels that I don’t do much more than sign with relief when I type THE END nowadays. I feel very accomplished, but it is then on to the next new shiny.

    But I should celebrate. Especially since in the past few years I’ve written and written, with almost no thought to selling. I have quite an inventory that I should do something with, besides sitting in the dark and stroke my computer while murmurring, “Yes, I love you, my pretties.”

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