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So?  For those who celebrate the winter holiday season, what writing and/or reading related gifts did you get?  What will you go out and purchase for yourself, now that you’ve heard about the cool things received by your friends and family?

Me?  My holidays mostly fed my non-writing passions – the beading fun that I have in down time – and my clotheshorse passion (it’s odd to have gone six months without buying a single new item of clothing – but who *needs* new clothes when she works from home full time?)

Happy holidays to all who celebrate!

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  1. 1. Marie Brennan

    I got a neat box with pens sculpted on top and a Hemingway quote I want to argue with on the side. It will go on my desk as soon as I get it home and, er, make space for it there.

    Also a Paperblank notebook and a translation of the Gospel of Judas, the latter for a short story I’m writing. :-)

  2. 2. Karen Wester Newton

    This year the best gift was having Wes home and doing fine. But we also got new web-enabled phones, which are loads of find. Checking e-mail is easy but I can’t figure out how to log on to LJ with it.

    Happy Holidays to you and Mark!

  3. 3. Tom Gallier

    1 gift. Adapter to plug laptop into power jack in my pickup. Oh yeah.

  4. 4. Simon Haynes

    I’m going to buy myself a writing-related gift: an after-market cooler for the Nvidia card in my PC, which will render it silent.

    I hate the whirr of fans when I’m trying to write…

  5. 5. katster

    I gave my younger teenaged cousins each a book this year. The girl got Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi and the boy got Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. Both books were well received, although the more excited reaction came from the one I was expecting the more subdued reaction from.

    I gave myself a shiny new smartphone, but I don’t know if that’s going to help or hinder me. Also, I picked up a couple Moleskine notebooks at the Borders nearby that’s having a ‘going out of business’ sale.

    Other than that, all my gifts were pretty much useful gifts, but not directly related to reading or writing.


  6. 6. Kelly McCullough

    Marie, I saw that box in a store a couple months back and had the exact same response.

  7. 7. mikaela

    I got gift checks to my favorite bookstore from my dad. And two research books from myself :) . And I discovered Sacred Texts. Free research. Do I need to say more? :D

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