Counting down…

And hey presto, it’s coming up to the end of yet another year. I am not entirely sure how this happens – I celebrate New Year’s Eve, putter around and get astonished when the rhododendrons suddenly burst into bloom in April, turn around twice and get astonished all over again at the fact that someone’s letting off fireworks and it’s the Fourth of July, turn around twice more… and I’m the first person, for the second year running, who is buying a Christmas tree in our local little nursery. And you know what comes a week after Christmas?… Yes, Victoria, another New Year’s Eve. Prestidigitarium, year gone, somehow – and I am left with having to write a Christmas letter which will go into our Christmas cards which go out next week, about what it was that we filled the year WITH, precisely.

And you know what? Those little “turning around” periods seem to have held quite a bit. I finished another novel, I went to a NASA-sponsored astronomy workshop to learn about the Universe (THANK YOU, Mike Brotherton!), I went to half a dozen conventions, and I just returned from a long-awaited and long-planned trip to the California coast so that I could see the redwoods for the first time.

It’s been a year well spent.

We’re heading to 2009, and that’s followed by double digits – and that’s science fiction country, I’m sorry, but it is. I grew up reading SF stories set in 2013 or 2025, and that – at the rate my years are flying by – is just around the corner. It’s scary, exhilarating, frustrating (where the hell are my flying cars, dammit? I was PROMISED…!), exciting, on-the-brink era – on the brink of so many things. The Mayans said our world will end in only another couple or three years (a good friend of mine is trying to get her novel on the subject actually published before the planet goes phut and it all becomes academic…). The Arctic ice is melting faster than we thought possible, and yes, we might just have had something to do with it. There are glaciers on Mars.

Anniversaries repeat. New things happen for which anniversaries are created.

Look forward, look back. As always.

Happy End of Old Year, what’s left of it, as it draws to a close. Enjoy the lights, the frosty nights (sorry, Australians, Christmas is WINTER…), the sharp chilled moon in clear December skies when it shows its face from behind the clouds – the snow, the songs, the tree, the music, the excitement and the energy.

And then wake up on January 1, and start another year. A year full of dreams and surprises which you don’t even know about yet. Happy New Year. May it bring you, in the words of one of those unattributable things I found on the Internet and have no clue who said them originally but love them anyway, just *enough*. Enough sorrow to appreciate the joy. Enough joy to dull the sharp edge of sorrow. Enough sunshine to love the rain. Enough shadow to look forward to light. Enough light not to be afraid of the shadow.

Counting down.

I’ll see you on the other side.

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  1. 1. Tim of Angle

    “(where the hell are my flying cars, dammit? I was PROMISED…!)”

    Hey, *I* was promised seas of radioactive glass where major cities used to be, and people using bows and arrows to fend off feral mutants.

    I, for one, am not going to sweat the lack of flying cars.

  2. 2. Alma Alexander

    You have a point, Tim… [wry grin]

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