Continuing the “Thanks” Theme…

Yesterday, Jim Hines posted a public thank you to Tobias Buckell, the author who brought all of us SFNovelists together.  I’d like to continue the theme started by Jim, first by adding my voice to the “Thank you, Toby!” chorus, then by noting some other writing-related things for which I’m thankful.  Those things include:

1.  Craigslist:  Yeah, there’s a bunch of garbage there in the “Help Wanted” ads.  There are a bunch of “jobs” that offer me the pleasure of writing for fun!  And for experience!  And for an online byline!  But there are also legitimate jobs posted, on a fairly regular basis.  Full-time writers need full-time employment, and judicious review of Craigslist has helped me to meet my goals.  I’m thankful for Craigslist.

2.  Bookstores:  There’s a lot of discussion, over and over and over again, about the relative merits of independent stores and chain stores.  (For the record, I’ve always been on the side of supporting both – I value what independents bring to the marketplace in terms of skill and expertise, but I mourn the fact that no local independent supports genre writers.)  Yesterday, I learned that the teeny, tiny, rather downtrodden, and often quite grotty B. Dalton that is located across the street from my house is closing in January.  I actually cried at the news.  I’ve enjoyed that store, even when I’ve regretted that it wasn’t BookPeople in Austin, or any of the other incredible independents I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.  I’ve enjoyed perusing the shelves for a quick vacation read.  I’ve been grateful for a popular genre book, when I’ve sought out a present for sick friend.  I’ve appreciated the broad range of magazines not otherwise available to me.  I’m thankful for the bookstores that survive, and I’ll continue to frequent them.

3.  Online communities.  Yeah, I get frustrated sometimes, when I read the drama that some people pump into their lives.  I get frustrated when community members make mountains out of their personal molehills.  I get grumpy when people forget to cut their posts when quoting long passage, or to link pictures behind a cut.  My feelings are hurt when some online communities don’t treat me the way I long to be treated.  But I enjoy an incredibly rich collection of online acquaintances.  I can reach out to hundreds of people to get insight into personal, professional, and character-created problems.  I can share successes and sorrows with people who respond with emotional and practical support.  I am thankful for my online communities, here at SFNovelists, at LiveJournal, and elsewhere.

So?  How about you?  In this season of Thanksgiving (yeah, even if you’re not in the U.S., you can join us for the season…) what writing- or genre-related things are you thankful for?

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  1. 1. Anna the Piper

    Being motivated to edit 20,000 words out of a novel that I’ve already edited 30,000 from (it really needed it!).

    Beta readers who are in no small part responsible for making my manuscripts presentable enough to be let out the door. And agents and editors who have been willing to look at them once they do!

    Writer friends who have given me invaluable advice. Kit, I’m looking at YOU.

    And thank you, SFNovelists, for giving us out here the chance to share. :)

  2. 2. Tom Gallier

    Computers. Really, the first time I sat down to write I didn’t have one. I had a typewriter. Seriously.

  3. 3. L. Jagi Lamplighter

    Ditto on the computers!!

    Friends who will read rough drafts and point out flaws.

    A supportive family who doesn’t mind if Mom’s spends all day commenting on people’s blogs…er, writing.

    And, last but not least, wonderful authors who were so kind as to read my book! ;-)

  4. 4. Deborah Blake

    I’m thankful for a “day job” that I enjoy and which is flexible enough to allow me to write on the side until the writing can BECOME the day job.

    I’m thankful for all the wonderful, helpful fellow-writers I’ve “met” online, and at the moment, I am especially thankful for one particular author/editor who helped “unstick” me so I could do the massive edits my mss needed to hopefully move from slush to success. (Time will tell.) Yes, Mindy, I’m looking at you:)

    And I’m thankful for the friend who did reiki on my RSI-prone arms yesterday, so I could keep typing!

    Happy holidays, all.

  5. 5. C.E. Murphy

    Awww! *hugs Anna* :) How’re those edits going, anyway? :)

  6. 6. Karen Wester Newton

    I don’t know if i can be truly thankful for computers. Without them a lot fewer people would be compulsive enough to finish writing books and it might be easier to sell that first book.

    But I am thankful for my new Kindle. It allows me to read more than I used to, which can never be a bad thing.

  7. 7. Mindy Klasky


    I love the fact that people stated they were thankful for two extremes – humans and technology!

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