Thank the Maker

Years ago, back when Clarion was still held at Michigan State University, I remember crashing a Clarion reunion party and meeting Tobias Buckell for the first time.  Little did I know that years later I’d be sharing a hotel room with the man, or leaving fingernail prints in the plastic of his car, or–

Wait, that sounds really, really wrong.  We just carpooled and roomed together at Windycon, and he drives kind of fast, that’s all.

Toby’s one of the busiest writers I know.  He’s a full-time freelancer.  His books consistently make the Nebula ballot.  When he’s not blogging, he’s out doing booksignings and other events, or generally working to move his career to the next level.  He’s currently got three original novels out, and tomorrow marks the release of his Halo novel, The Cole Protocol.


I haven’t read the Halo book yet, but I’ve read the other three, and they’re good.  Interesting characters and cultures, with plenty of SF action.  I remember bumping into Toby back when Crystal Rain was about to come out, and how excited he was to see his first book in print.  This was at Clarion again, and he had come back to talk to the students about writing and the sheer niftiness of selling that first novel.

So what’s with the Buckell lovefest today?  Well, in addition to writing good books, Toby is very big on outreach, paying it forward, and all that good stuff.  He’s the one who approached some other science fiction and fantasy novelists a few years back about creating a group of active, professional, working novelists.

I’ve learned an awful lot from the discussions in the SF Novelist group.  It’s a great resource, both in terms of networking with other writers and in getting to pick the brains of those writers.  It’s surprisingly cordial and friendly (not that any of us writers ever have any ego problems), and has grown to include well over 100 members.  Toby hired someone to design the site, paid for the hosting, and has done an awful lot behind the scenes to make this group work.

So I wanted to publicly thank him for that work.  The group and this site is a great resource for me and for others, and I very much appreciate everything he’s done to make it so.

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  1. 1. Kelly McCullough

    Thank you, Toby!

  2. 2. Diana Pharaoh Francis

    Good post Jim! Can’t agree more. One day I hope to meet Toby in person.

  3. 3. Marie Brennan

    Shoulda saved it for Thanksgiving Day. ;-)

    I’ll add my thanks to the chorus. I’m really enjoying both the public and private faces of the group.

  4. 4. Jim C. Hines

    Marie – my posting day is the 24th, and I post on the 24th, by gum!

  5. 5. tobias buckell

    Awww, thanks guys (sniff).

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