What I like about NanoWrimo

• Kills procrastinators stone dead.
• Seeing fellow writers blog about falling in love with Nano, and vowing to do it again next year.
• All the intense word wars which crop up across the blogosphere.
• The huge amount of traffic on the NanoWrimo forums as tens of thousands of people talk about writing fiction
• 17 days, 34,000 words (Personal tally)
• Even the mainstream media chips in with the occasional piece recognising fiction writing as a valid pastime (as opposed to the usual flood of junk about B-grade celebs and their endless self-inflicted problems)

Are you doing Nano? How’s it going, and will you be doing it again next year?

BTW and OT, congratulations to fellow SFNovelist author Garth Nix, who has just been announced as the Guest of Honour at the 2009 World Fantasy Convention. (I reckon I’m allowed to spell ‘honour’ properly if the GOH is an aussie…)

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  1. 1. Ian

    I’m doing NaNo for the fifth consecutive year. I haven’t yet failed to reach 50k and in fact this year I’m nearly to 35k after 16 days – a personal best. I intend to do NaNo every year, because it is such a fabulous way to jumpstart my production. As I’ve gone through it year after year, I find my projects are going more from fringe fiction that has no place on a bookshelf to the kind of things I can clean up and query and have a hope of seeing published.

    Good luck to you!

  2. 2. cedunkley

    I’m doing NaNo for the first time this year. It’s something that has always interested me but I didn’t want to stop what I was working on at the time to participate.

    This year, however, I realized I needed to develop a backstory that would inform the plotline of one of my POV characters (as well as established the reason for the external danger) and NaNo came along at just the right moment for me to put aside my WIP and use NaNo to accomplish this.

    So far, after 16 days I’m just passed 40,000 words. I have a feeling I will need December to finish the first draft of this project, which I need to do in order to have everything I need for my WIP, so I will most likely be NaNoing for two months.

    I’m enjoying it, I must say. As for whether or not I will be doing it next year, that depends upon the circumstances. If the timing is right again I probably will.

    It’s been a blast so far.

  3. 3. Tom Gallier

    I’m NaNoing for the first time. I was languishing between projects and couldn’t motivate myself. I saw this as the perfect stimulus package for me.

    I’m up to 59k words so far. I am a fast 1st drafter anyway, but this year I am really writing barebones. I’ll have some fleshing out to do later, but it is proving a very positive experience. I’ll definitely NaNo again.

    NaNoWriMo 2008 – Primary Urges

  4. 4. Paula

    First time Nana and first time trying to write fantasy or anything beside school papers and technical papers for work. I am having so much fun. I had a basic outline on a story I always wanted to write and I am amazed how the characters and story line are filling out.

    Do have moments where it is a little harder but Nano is forcing me to not worry about the details and just write. I am hooked!

  5. 5. Zora

    I considered it, but decided that what I needed was NaGeRiCraMo: National Get Rid of Crap Month. For me, this involves scanning old field notes and turning them into computer files, so I can dump the fading originals, and turning boxes and bins of cloth scraps into big wheels of, ah, strippy quilt precursor. My new motto is, “He or she who dies with the LEAST wins”.

  6. 6. Miranda

    I *LovE* Nano. This is my first year, and Im ashamed to say Im 9000 words behind. But I just discovered Write or Die – which is fantastically helpful. I still have every intent to finish. With my hundreds of half-finished stories, its good to have one that I actually intend to finish.

  7. 7. Terie Garrison

    I’m doing my third NaNo. For me, I just feed on the insane energy that is NaNoWriMo. Even when I’m off in a rented cottage all by myself, without even a connection to the ‘net (er, that was last week, not now, obviously), I can feel all that energy swirling in the ether. The other two I completed (2004 and 2006) have been published (traditionally, not self), and for both 2006 and this year, my NaNo book was/is due shortly. So there’s the extra challenge of first-drafting super-fast without having the luxury of being able to write a lot of crap. But it’s so great to get such a lot done in so little time. I love it!

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