Confessions of a Media Fan

This weekend I was at the Mall of America (don’t be impressed, I live ten minutes from the place,) at one of the ginormous bookseller box stores.  First let me say, I’m happy to report that despite the economic slump there were a zillion people buying books.  The place was packed, particularly the Manga aisle, but that’s another story. 

I happened to be in the aisle right next door, looking at movie tie-ins.  My son, who is quite young, just discovered the original “Star Wars” trilogy.  Being that sort of parent, I was looking for books, comics, and other related material that would get him reading about it as well (sneaky, aren’t I?)  Plus, if I must confess when I was a kid, I was a huge fan of the Han Solo series that included HAN SOLO’S REVENGE.  And, anyway, as I was scanning the titles I noticed that many of my favorite authors have written a Star Wars book or two.

I don’t know what the reading public thinks of this practice, but I think it’s smart on a lot of levels.  When I was young, I first saw “Star Wars” in the theatre (sixteen times) and had to wait for Lucas to finish filming “Empire Strikes Back” before I could get another hit of what excited me.  My parents were also sneaky and sent me to the library.  There I found a movie novelization, which I devoured.  My library had the Han Solo series, which I read and re-read continuously.  But, they also put the movie tie-ins next to the anthologies, so when I was finally tired of all those Star Wars books I did two things:  1) I just automatically reached for the next book on the shelf (and thus ended up reading several Nebula and other short story collections), and 2) discovered that the people who wrote the Star Wars books (and those fascinating short stories) also authored other books, which I then checked out and read. 

Anyway, I ended up blowing my book budget on Star Wars tie-ins.  I couldn’t help it.  I wanted to get him at least one book from all my favorite authors who’d contributed to the universe.  I’d feel more guilty about it, if I hadn’t come into science fiction the exact same way.

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  1. 1. hagelrat

    I have a friend whp adores the star wars books, but although I don’t really go for movie tie in specifically I have had friends who read very little until it was pointed out they could revisit their favourite film universes this way, or that most of the movies they liked were graphic novels first. It’s definately a good way to get past initial resistance to reading.

  2. 2. Ducky

    I used to read nothing but Star Wars novelizations. Man, I lived for those books. I don’t read them much anymore, but they got me into the larger world of SF&F.

  3. 3. Joe Iriarte

    Ah, corrupting the youth . . .

    This post made me smile inside.


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