The economy sucks–what are you doing for entertainment?

I’m curious what people are doing for entertainment while the economy is so suckitudinous. Are you netflixing? Going to movies? Traveling to Europe? Heading to Canada now that the dollar is strengthening? Painting by numbers? Reading more books? Digging out all those video games you used to play and forgot about and now they all seem new again? Watching Survivor and PBS? Learning how to make play-doh from flour and salt and water? Taking long walks? What?

Personally, I am not doing anything for entertainment. Or hardly. I am remodeling part of my house and discovering just why most people consider it such a horror show. Because it IS, DAMMIT!  And revising the May book and trying to write the January book and grading papers and writing a syllabus . . .

Okay, nuff of that. In my little bits of spare time, I am reading, I am watching a few shows, though finding myself less than enthralled with many offerings, and yes, joined netflix. Keeping the driving to a minimum, though the price of diesel has come down about a dollar now. I am staying out of shopping malls and Costco as much as possible. It snowed here last week and I played in the snow while cursing it for having piled up at all. Ordinarily I would be baking bread and cooking, but alas, right now I have no kitchen nor dining room. Did I mention remodel hell?

So seriously, what are you doing for entertainment these days? Sure, if you want to keep it on a bookish topic, tell me that you’re still buying books. That will make me feel warm and fuzzy.

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  1. 1. SMD

    I’m racking up massive amounts of debt in student loans, so I’m probably one of the few people in this country doing the opposite of what I should be doing :P

    Other than that, I’ve been watching lots of stuff online as opposed to renting things, buying DVDs, etc. You’d be surprised what sorts of things you can find for free and legal on the Interwebs.

    Other than that, I’m applying for a research grant so I can travel and writing a little, reading a lot, and planning a trip to the UK soonish to see my Fiance. We’ve got things pretty evened out though so I’m only paying for my plane ticket. I don’t generally travel much, though, but we’re planning to visit Hadrian’s Wall :) . She and I are pretty cheap, to be honest. We don’t need expensive dinners and stuff. We’ll just go see someting old and run down and marvel and how cool historically things are. We might not care much about the actual history, but we’ll definitely love seeing the old ruins of things. We saw three castles the last time I was there and we loved every minute of it.

  2. 2. Karen Wester Newton

    This weekend is not problem… Capclave! Our local convention here in the DC area is 10 minutes from my house this year.

    Actually, that’s bad because it cuts into writing time— but fun!

  3. 3. Toast

    Reading, lots and going to the movies a bit. Sooo pretty much the same as always. Of course we have our National Trust cards so we may go and indulg ein some of that.

  4. 4. Tim

    Got back into Roleplaying Games, and introduced the wife to the hobby. Great fun. Started a group for it as well, and now have over 60 odd members. You can also check out or for free fun social type events.

  5. 5. S.C. Butler

    Netflix and libraries.

  6. 6. Diana Pharaoh Francis

    SMD: well, a UK trip now is better than a couple of years ago when the exchange rate was worse. Have huge fun when you go!

    Karen: I wish I was going, even if it did cut into writing time. I’m feeling lonesome here in the back end of nowhere.

    Toast: any good movies? Any good books? C’mon–recommend!

    Tim: Roleplaying games–never played them. Figured I’d never do anything else. But boy, it sure sounds like fun. I believe I have envy.

    Sam: I just discovered that Netflix has the Sharpe’s movies. And me with a deadline . . . But I do so love them!

  7. 7. Kelly

    Rather than book-buying, I’ve been book-envying by pretending I’m shopping as I shelve and reshelve fiction at the bookstore where I work.

    And I must say, it’s a pleasure to have found this site and meet some of the authors of the books I’ve been envying. So, Hello.

  8. 8. Tim

    No need for envy :)
    As for doing nothing else, i guess it still has that attraction for those who have that kind of time on their hands. Usually its a few hours a week (with friends), or once a month (with the meetup).
    As a Game Master myself, i can tell you there is nothing like seeing the effect your plot/situation has on your players for a sense of a job well done…

  9. 9. Zora

    I’ve been poor for a couple of years, so no change. I rent Bollywood DVDs for $2 from the local Indian shop and I read free ebooks from I am endlessly entertained by the volunteer proofreading I do for Distributed Proofreaders, where we turn out-of-print public domain books into free ebooks. Currently working on the 1930 issues of Astrounding Stories, some Indian folktales, and a memoir of life in Bohemian Paris in the 19th century.

  10. 10. Diana Pharaoh Francis

    Hi Kelly! *waves* Welcome!

    Tim: You should have seen me with Myst and Tetris. An RPG would consume me I think. I don’t think I”d have control. Hence the envy. I’m guessing being GM would feel a bit like being a novelist and having people read your books.

    Zora: What a cool, fun job! And now I envy the local Indian shop, cause here, it’s cowboy all the way.

  11. 11. Sina'i Enantia

    I buy books. And movies(preferably boxsets, or at discount rates/usually used. And video games (thoguh to a lesser degree than I have been, partially because I really don’t have time to play said videogames).

    I try to spend time with my fiance and my family, and I try to write. That pretty much covers the majority of my entertainment, I think.

  12. 12. Maria

    I read, watch the news and the History Channel. I rent movies, go for walks with my dog. I shop only for necessities, go on the internet and clean the house. Once in awhile we go out to dinner.

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