The Query Project

Our Joshua Palmatier is running a “query project” today with other members of the group. I’m not participating this time around (I did the “synopsis project” a few months back) because I never had to write a killer, selling query letter. Hit the link if you want to see query letters that successful sf novelists used to help sell real books.

Here are the other writers contributing in addition to Joshua:
Paul Crilley
Chris Dolley
Diana Pharaoh Francis
Gregory Frost
Simon Haynes
Jackie Kessler
Glenda Larke
John Levitt
Joshua Palmatier
Janni Lee Simner
Maria V. Snyder
Jennifer Stevenson
Edward Willett
David J. Williams

They’re all supposed to have query letters posted today, September 12, so check back if they don’t have it up early in the day. Some of us writers miss deadlines.

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  1. 1. Barry Holmes

    It’ll be interesting to read some of these in the context of the suggestions and pre-emptive feedback that appears on Nathan Bransford’s blog.

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