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My Own ePublishing Rant

Electronic publishing is the future!  Embrace e-publishing!  Paper is dead!  You publishers are idiots, ignoring this new market! Please. I love watching the techno-geeks howl and cry about this.  I even agree with them.  Read here and here for some excellent examples. But . . . The problem with epublishing, one that neither of these […]

Different kinds of limbo

Writing is such an odd career. I’ve known I wanted to be a professional writer since I was seven years old (the year I made my first sale – a poem to a kids’ magazine – and learned my first Big Publishing Lesson, when the magazine folded and I never got any pay or publication […]

First, Be Professional

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to succeed in this crazy business, as a writer.  The thing I keep coming back to is, “Be Professional.” Professionalism can take on all sorts of guises. It can mean negotiating, accepting, and meeting deadlines.   (This does *not* mean accepting the first deadline thrust in front […]

Welcome to the Nuthouse

I’ve said before that writers are nuts.  Recent events in my writing career have done nothing to change that opinion. I’ve written about the neuroses before, back when I was struggling to break in … the compulsive mailbox/e-mail checking, the obsessiveness over underlining vs. italics or whether there should be one space or two after the […]

Character Development, part II

Yesterday, at, where I blog with fantasy authors Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, and fellow SFNovelists member C.E. Murphy, I began a discussion on creating and developing characters.  I started with my belief that creating believable, compelling characters is the most important element in effective storytelling, regardless of the genre in which you happen to […]

Plot Synopsis Project II

SFNovelists’ Joshua Palmatier has put together a great project for writers interested in learning more about how a plot synopsis looks by getting a bunch of folks to post synopses that have sold books. This is his second version of the project: Plot Synopsis Project II. Paticipants include: Joshua Palmatier Alma Alexander (Will post on […]

Ways to Avoid Distraction While On Deadline

1. Turn off the internet connection and/or send router or box to work with partner or friend. Caveat: Neighbor may have non-passworded wireless. 2. Go to park. Caveat: Need clement weather and a blanket or place to sit. Caveat: If blanket only, need young body that will not get immediately sore and aching. Bonus: If […]

A publishing secret

This may be a secret, or just one of those things you don’t think about much, but I’ve never heard it talked about much, so I’m going to now. The secret? Turn-around time–the amount of time you have to return a manuscript to your editor. After you finish your book and send it to your […]


November approaches at speed, and with it comes the annual National Novel Writing Month. The title is a misnomer if ever there was one, since National actually encompasses the globe and 50,000 words (the target) does not an adult novel make. However, it’s the idea which is important, not the chosen name. This will be […]

Apprentice, journeyman, master

I like the notion of ranks. Some people seem to find them uncomfortable, as if admitting that these people over here are more skilled than those people over there is somehow unfair or elitist. Me, I look at a ranking system and see achievements waiting to happen. It’s been a good nine or ten years […]

Author Information


Steven Harper Piziks was born in Saginaw, Michigan, but he moved around a lot. Currently he lives with his wife and three sons near Ann Arbor, Michigan. His novels include In the Company of Mind and Corporate Mentality, both science fiction published by Baen Books. Writing as Steven Harper for Roc Books, he has produced The Silent Empire series. He's also written movie novelizations and books based on Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and The Ghost Whisperer. Steven currently teaches English in southeast Michigan. When not writing, he plays the folk harp, dabbles in oral storytelling, and spends more time on-line than is probably good for him. Visit his web page at or find his LiveJournal at Visit site.

Stephanie Burgis

Stephanie Burgis is an American writer who lives in Yorkshire, England, with her husband, fellow writer Patrick Samphire, their son "Mr Darcy", and their crazy-sweet border collie mix, Maya. Her Regency fantasy trilogy for kids, The Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson, will be published by Atheneum Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, in 2010, 2011, and 2012, beginning with Book One: A Most Improper Magick. She has also published short stories in a variety of magazines, anthologies, and podcasts, including Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Escape Pod. You can find out more, or read/listen to her published stories online, at her website. Visit site.

Mindy Klasky

Mindy Klasky is the author of eleven novels, including WHEN GOOD WISHES GO BAD and HOW NOT TO MAKE A WISH in the As You Wish Series. She also wrote GIRL'S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT, SORCERY AND THE SINGLE GIRL, and MAGIC AND THE MODERN GIRL, about a librarian who finds out she's a witch. Mindy also wrote the award-winning, best-selling Glasswrights series and the stand-alone fantasy novel, SEASON OF SACRIFICE. Visit site.

Jim C. Hines

Jim C. Hines' latest book is THE SNOW QUEEN'S SHADOW, the fourth of his fantasy adventures that retell the old fairy tales with a Charlie's Angels twist. He's also the author of the humorous GOBLIN QUEST trilogy. Jim's short fiction has appeared in more than 40 magazines and anthologies, including Realms of Fantasy, Turn the Other Chick, and Sword & Sorceress XXI. Jim lives in Michigan with his wife and two children. He's currently hard at work on LIBRIOMANCER, the first book in a new fantasy series. Visit site.

David B. Coe

David B. Coe ( is the Crawford award-winning author of the LonTobyn Chronicle, the Winds of the Forelands quintet, the Blood of the Southlands trilogy, and a number of short stories. Writing as D.B. Jackson (, he is the author of the Thieftaker Chronicles, a blend of urban fantasy, mystery, and historical fiction. David is also part of the Magical Words group blog (, and co-author of How To Write Magical Words: A Writer’s Companion. In 2010 he wrote the novelization of director Ridley Scott’s movie, Robin Hood. His books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Visit site.

Kelly McCullough

Kelly McCullough is a fantasy and science fiction author. He lives in Wisconsin with his physics professor wife and a small herd of cats. His novels include the WebMage and Fallen Blade series—Penguin/ACE. His short fiction has appeared in numerous venues including Writers of the Future and Weird Tales. He also dabbles in science fiction as science education with The Chronicles of the Wandering Star—part of an NSF-funded science curriculum—and the science comic Hanny & the Mystery of the Voorwerp, which he co-authored and co-edited—funding provided by NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope. Visit site.

Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott is the author of multiple fantasy and science fiction novels, including the Crown of Stars series and the Novels of the Jaran. She's currently working on Crossroads; the first novel, Spirit Gate, is already out, and Shadow Gate will be published in Spring 2008. Visit site.

Diana Pharaoh Francis

Diana Pharaoh Francis has written the fantasy novel trilogy that includes Path of Fate, Path of Honor and Path of Blood. Path of Fate was nominated for the Mary Roberts Rinehart Award. Recently released was The Turning Tide, third in her Crosspointe Chronicles series (look also for The Cipher and The Black Ship). In October 2009, look for Bitter Night, a contemporary fantasy. Diana teaches in the English Department at the University of Montana Western, and is an avid lover of all things chocolate. Visit site.

Simon Haynes

Simon is the author of the Hal Spacejock series, featuring intergalactic loser Hal and his junky sidekick, Clunk. His website contains a number of articles on writing and publishing, and he's also the programmer of several freeware apps including yBook, BookDB and yWriter. In his spare time(!) he helps to run Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Visit site.

Marie Brennan

Marie Brennan is the author of more than forty short stories and seven novels, the most recent of which is the urban fantasy Lies and Prophecy. Visit site.



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