Bringing Together Authors and Readers – Book Groups Edition

Over the years, I’ve participated in a few different book groups.  Some were highly structured:  We chose books on a rotating basis, by suggestor’s last name, with a voice vote approval requiring a supermajority of book group members, and meetings that featured international cuisine (related to the books) prepared by at least three members who documented their sources.  Others were completely casual:  We got together for a couple of beers and talked about great books that we’d all read in common.

As an author, I’ve been privileged to attend about a dozen book group meetings where my work was the selected feature.  Some of these groups regularly read speculative fiction; others had never read a fantasy novel prior to mine.

I loved every book group I attended – it was a joy to discuss my work, to hear speculations on what I intended with this plot twist or that characterization.  I realized that some things that were obvious to me were much more opaque to my readers (and vice versa!)

In an attempt to bring more book groups together with more authors, I’ve created the Book Groups Wiki:  Go ahead.  Check it out – don’t be frightened off by the word “wiki”.  I’ll wait for you.

Okay.   If you can cut and paste, you can update the wiki.  There are simple templates for authors and for book group members, so that everyone can post their information.  No one can break the wiki – if any disasters happen, I can always reinstate an earlier version.

So, take a moment and add your name (if you’re an author) or your book group (if you’re a member of one.)  And tell your friends about the wiki – the more entries we get, the more useful this collection will be to everyone!

And then, let me know in comments if you’ve got any wacky stories about book group meetings you’ve attended.  (My oddest?  The evangelical Christian group that read THE GLASSWRIGHTS’ APPRENTICE, and decided that they liked it, even though those Thousand Gods were a bit too much like the saints they talk about at the Catholic church, down the road….)

Mindy, hoping to spread the book group word!

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  1. 1. Aaron Hughes

    Great idea! Thanks for setting this up.


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