Book launch: Midnight Never Come

Here’s what a smart writer does. (i.e. a writer who isn’t me.)

You know you’ve got a book coming out, the first of at least two in a new series. It’s a new direction for you — historical faerie fantasy with healthy doses of political intrigue and some romance — and you’re a little nervous about how people will respond to it, especially people who liked your first two books, but you’re pretty optimistic because you think this book is a big step forward for you as a writer. This means that every little scrap of praise or criticism will hit with far more force than it rationally ought to.

So, being smart, you make sure to write all or at least a substantial chunk of your second book before the first one comes out. You do this because it means dealing with the book launch and all the responses to it won’t psych you out so badly you have trouble writing the next one.

But that’s for writers who are smart. Me? I’m 9377 words into And Ashes Lie, the stand-alone sequel to Midnight Never Come, which hits U.S. bookshelves today. (In the U.K., it’s been out since the beginning of May, when I had yet to write a word.) So my forward progress will be thoroughly hampered by the constant checking of e-mail, poking at Google Alerts and Technorati, obsessive monitoring of my Amazon sales rank, and all the unproductive ways in which writers try to glean evidence of how the public likes their books.

Only if I let it, though. So I’m, uh, going to ignore all of that. Yes. I’m going to go read about the English Civil War and ignore the internets. I certainly won’t be checking for any comments to this post, nosiree.

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  1. 1. Jim C. Hines

    Congratulations on the new book! I can’t wait to read it!

  2. 2. jsmithready

    Congrats on the release, Marie!

    I found myself in a similar situation (I’m actually still in that situation until Monday). One good thing about it: it gave me a chance to see what people really dug about Book One so I could keep those elements strong in Book Two. It’s not that I let readers/reviewers/etc dictate the story itself (I’m not a *total* hack), but it reminded me of Book One’s core strengths so I wouldn’t wander too far off in my never-ending quest for Something Completely Different.

    Hope that makes sense. If nothing else, I gave you a cookie for hitting the refresh button. :-)

  3. 3. cindy

    i’m excited to read it! i promise myself i won’t google or look at when my book drops, but i know i’m in denial. =X


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