12 Things to Avoid when under a Book Deadline

May Madness has begun.  My kids’ schools jam everything possible into this month, I have two conferences/conventions to go to, and a book deadline in June.  So instead of an insightful blog about writing or whatever… I’ve composed a list of 12 things to avoid when under a book deadline.

1. DVDs of Television shows - Yes, I’ve seen them all before, yet…resistance…is futile….

2. YouTube - little gems can be found if you search long enough. Even found a spoof of <i>Poison Study’s</i> book trailer. I’ve been spoofed – how cool is that??

3. Newspapers – Every article must be read regardless of interest.  I’ve become addicted to Suduko – look for references to the number 9 in my next book.

4. Computer Games – Two words – 3D Pinball.

5. Mourning over the death of my favorite pen. *sniff*

6. Searching for a replacement pen from a drawer filled with hundreds (not an exaggeration).

7. Writing lists.

8. Talking to family members – Details of laundry troubles can be fascinating when procrastinating.

9. Pulling weeds – once started there is no stopping until every last one is gone from the earth, terminated, ripped to shreds….er….yeah….

10. Kids – needy little creatures that want things like food, help with homework, and attention.

11. Spouses -  needy little creatures that want things like food, help with housework, and attention.

12. Sleep – who needs it any……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Any one have a line item to add?

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  1. 1. domynoe

    The PS2. I swear that thing sucks all thought and creativity out of my brain…but…it’s. so. hard. to. RESIST!

  2. 2. Sebastian Keller

    Creating lists and worry about the deadline.

  3. 3. Maria V. Snyder

    How could I forget the game units! Perhaps because I already avoid those like my mother-in-law’s phone calls ;>

    Actually – they didn’t quite tempt me – we have a game cube and, if you’re over 30, you need an engineering degree to figure out the buttons :) Plus the graphics made me sick to my stomach.

    However – a new temptation has entered the house in the form of the Wii – easy to use, and can be considered a workout – very tempting…..extremely tempting….er….I’ll be back……

  4. 4. Karen Wester Newton

    When I was in college and really needed to study for a test I wouldn’t let myself goof off and go to the movies, but hey, if the apartment needed cleaning, it needed cleaning, right?

  5. 5. Jeri

    Reading blogs??


  6. 6. Zora

    Vacuuming the cat.

  7. 7. Matt

    Avoid the sudden urge to train the dog to do just about anything it can’t currently do.

    Unless you train it to type and take dictation. Then you’ve got something.

    I’ve also found it difficult to resist cleaning my keyboard once I notice how dirty it is. This is after staring at it unproductively for hours, of course!

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