Spider Star Released, Free Chapters Available

My new novel Spider Star is officially released today. It’s gotten very good reviews so far from sf aficionados, and more mixed reviews from more general venues that still tout the strength of innovative ideas, a unique setting, and accurate science. The book has been favorably compared to Larry Niven at his best, Niven and Pournelle’s Mote in God’s Eye, and Jack McDevitt. I’m happy with those comparisons, as I’m a big fan of those guys. I’m more than thrilled to be mentioned in the same sentence with them, as their work helped make me want to write myself.

I’ve uploaded what I hope is very close to a final version of the prologue and first four chapters: ss5_first4.htm.

I plan to post something about the science of Spider Star in the near future, exploring different aspects of the story from that perspective. I am a hard sf writer, but not a mundane sf writer (see this post for more), which means that I don’t write anything I know to be scientifically wrong, but I will include some very speculative science. There’s a lot about dark matter, for instance, in the book. I feel pretty confident that dark matter is real, but its properties remain uncertain. There are key points of the story that rely on stellar evolution and very long time scales. I think that’s realistic as long as we don’t destroy ourselves, and if we do, there won’t be much human-based far-future science fiction. I’m optimistic about our future, even though not everyone is as science-positive as I think they should be.

Anyway, this is a very happy day for me and I hope many of you reading will enjoy the book in the near future. I started writing because I loved the experience of reading and wanted to share my own worlds with others, the way the writers I loved shared their worlds with me. Spider Star brings together a lot of diverse elements, ranging from dark matter to the politics of the Middle East, speaking to my own science interests and to current events simultaneously. The world building is unique as far as I know, and more detailed than the vast majority of science fiction, a strength of mine. I hope the rest lives up to that strength.

Please be encouraged to submit reviews to amazon.com or other appropriate venues. Thanks!

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  1. 1. Roland Dobbins

    Why is _Spider Star_ not available as an Amazon Kindle eBook? “I’m the author, I don’t know how ebook rights are handled” isn’t an acceptable answer, in this day and age, heh.

    I want to pay for _Spider Star_ and read it – on my Kindle.


  2. 2. Alma Alexander

    Congrats, Mike. May your sales be many and your returns be few…

  3. 3. Mike

    Thanks, Alma. Novels seem to take forever to write and forever to come out, and it’s a weird feeling to finally get there with one.

  4. 4. editor

    That’s a good point, Roland…part of it involves this particular book being turned in late due to some personal issues, and the original contract being negotiated long before Tor started getting more serious about e-books. I might just ping my agent and see what we can do…

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