Oh, Joy! Oh, Rapture!

Oh, joy!  Oh, rapture! 

What a coincidence my SFNovelists post should come the same day I finish the current WIP.  So of course I have to talk about what it feels like to finish a WIP (see above).  Joy and rapture don’t even come close to covering it.  Also featured are relief, euphoria, a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, victory, and delight.  Did I mention joy?  It’s all especially overwhelming for me because I’m not a particularly fast writer, and I tend to write longish books.  This is the third finished WIP in eight years (like I said, I’m a slow writer), which isn’t a lot.  More importantly, these three books were conceived as one long work, so finishing the third provides a sense of completion even greater than I got from the first two.   And did I mention joy? 

The book’s not entirely done.  I still have to get feedback from my beta readers, whom I only sent the first two-thirds at the beginning of the year.  And my editor will no doubt have a thing or two to say as well.  But that’s just problem solving.  The real work of creating the characters and the story and the world is over. 

And the doubt and anxiety as well.  At least until I start the next one. 

Isn’t it a great feeling when you finish a book or story?  Are you elated?  Eager to get on with the next one?  Hoping you never have to do it again?  Right now I have to confess I’m feeling a little bit of all three.

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  1. 1. Marie Brennan

    I just finished mine on Wednesday. Parrrr-tay!

  2. 2. Kelly McCullough

    Congrats to both, mine should be done next week.

  3. 3. Eliza

    I have an anti-climatic sense of accomplishment, coupled with an expectation of a break and almost a forlorn resignment. A finished 0-draft is never exactly how I pictured it. It’s more of a mark of how far I have left to go, re-writing, polishing, waiting for test-readers to figure out where I’m falling short. In fact, I think it’s rather like purgatory.

  4. 4. Angelle

    I do indeed live for that feeling. The last time I had it, I happened to be home alone, and I believe I ran around singing songs from “Cabaret” at the top of my lungs.

    The current WIP is halfway to where it needs to be, so maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get it again by May.

    Congrats to you and Marie!

  5. 5. S.C. Butler

    Eliza – Yes, they never do come out exactly the way we thought they would, but that’s generally a good thing, isn’t it? Children do that too.

    Angelle – No Cabaret from me, just fist pumping and (if I think it’s really good) a few tears.

    Marie and Kelly – Rock on, guys! SFNovelists shall rule the shelves!

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