Right On

My parents had a bumper sticker on their car: “The Moral Majority Is Neither.”

I like cars that wear their politics on their bumpers, although I sneer at ones with a “W” sticker. The Co-op is a good place to see bumper stickers. There’s one, an old Cadillac, that has a back end covered with political stickers (lefty ones). I always say “right on!” when I see it.

I guess that’s what bumper stickers are for. So other drivers can either sneer or go “right on!”

Our car has three. That’s a good, reasonable number, eh?

One is a gold Hawkeye decal (this is the University of Iowa mascot).

My favorite one says “Gollum votes Republican.”

My other favorite one says “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.”

What about you? Does your car say “right on”?

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  1. 1. Karen Wester Newton

    I actually don’t like to put political bumper stickers on my car, mostly because I have some nice but politically conservative neighbors and I really don’t want to start any bumper sticker wars.

    I also think the type on some bumper stickers is just too small! I would be afraid people would read end me trying to read the bumper sticker.

  2. 2. --E

    I confess, my folks instilled in me a fear of bumperstickers. “You never know what the politics of the state trooper will be. Don’t give him an excuse not to let you off with a warning.”

    Even if it’s not political, a cop may be anti-geek or something. I feel very daring that I have the parking permit for my chiropractor on my bumper. What if the trooper is anti-chiropractic?

  3. 3. Misty Massey

    Around here, it’s not a good idea to show your politics so obviously. Several years ago, I had a sticker on my car that said, “Well behaved women rarely make history.” One day while parked in the grocery store, someone decided to let me know their opinion by putting a local fudamentalist church sticker over my “Woman” sticker.
    The other day I had to peel a Clemson sticker off my husband’s car window, slapped there by some enthusiastic football fan who’d apparently noticed the ancient University of South Carolina sticker on the bumper.

    The last thing I need is someone deciding to comment on my politics in the same fashion. I’d be scraping stickers off my car until the end of time. :D

  4. 4. Sarah Prineas

    Karen, having almost rear-ended other cars trying to read their bumper stickers, I can sympathize with your trepidation!!

    E, I am willing to take that risk!!

    Misty, that’s a wretched experience, and I do worry about it a little. I used to have a Human Rights Campaign sticker on my car (you know, the yellow equal sign on the blue background?), and once came back to find my car with mud thrown across it, and suspected that was why.

    Around here–I live in Iowa City–it’s usually fairly safe to show one’s political leanings because the city is both political and tolerant, mostly.

  5. 5. writtenwyrdd

    I avoid political bumper stickers, but as I am Pagan, I cannot resist those thumb-your-nose-at-the-Religious-Right stickers. However, the only one on the new car is “I had a life but my job ate it.” I was working 70- to 80-hour weeks for a while there and it got to me.

  6. 6. Thud

    My car says “Your skill in reading has increased by 1 point.”

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