A Little Help…?

Oh, my. I’m in a panic. I used up this week’s blog idea yesterday on my own LJ, and you don’t want to hear about my writing or my cats or the weather or my son Theo’s obsession with Star Wars Lego.

Blogging. It’s so stressful. Especially now that I’m scheduled to blog here today and can’t think of anything–ANYTHING–to write about. Ack!!!

How do you come up with stuff to blog about? How do y’all manage to be interesting and entertaining day after day after day?

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  1. 1. Jen

    Nothing like being put on the spot to freeze all the ideas, hm? :D

    (And I always like hearing about writing and cats and Legos… my own son has just discovered the Lego castle sets and that is all I’ve heard about for the last four days. :) )

  2. 2. Steve Buchheit

    Being real, talk openly and with humor. Self deprecating humor, espcially if one has the gift of snark toward others, is always good.

    As I was instructed by the great John Scalzi, give the readers a good story. Be entertaining. You can think of your blog in several ways. It’s your soap box, your bull-horn on the mountain, your lecture podium, your diary, your closest friend, etc. The way I like to view mine is as a cocktail party conversation between friends.

    Now, if that makes it interesting and entertaining everyday, that’s a question for the readers.

  3. 3. Jim C. Hines

    Heck, if I manage to be interesting or entertaining once a week, I figure I’m doing great!

    And personally, I’m always up for Star Wars LEGO chats! (Says the guy with a LEGO X-wing sitting on the shelves at work.)

  4. 4. Marie Brennan

    I’m irregular in posting on my own journal (though not so irregular that I tend to lose people), but frankly, over here, I brainstorm my topics weeks or sometimes months ahead of time, so I won’t be caught short. But I also tend to use this space for what I hope will be my meatier, more conversation-inducing posts.

  5. 5. Carrie Jones

    I tell myself that it doesn’t matter if I’m amusing and I write really, really quickly so that I can’t stop myself, scream about how it’s stupid and then erase it all.

    Plus, I think it’s perfectly okay to write about Star Wars Legos. I mean think about it. With Legos you put all these random pieces together and create images/structures/beings and then you use all those pieces that you’ve built and create an adventure. Well, I do…
    Anyway, it’s just like writing. You can rip things apart when they don’t go well. You can make Darth have a thing with Luke. You can do whatever you want. Why not be obsessed?

  6. 6. Sarah Prineas

    I try to keep my gift of snark wrapped up in its box, though I have another locked LJ that gets snarky now and then.

    Being a regular poster is key, isn’t it! Quite often I go a week without posting, which is not a good way to maintain a blog, I’m well aware.

  7. 7. Deb

    I have no useful advice because lately I’ve been a much more intermittent blogger than you are. Plus, the only topics I seem to have blogged on in the last year or so are dogs and writing (which, dogs–always an awesome topic, but since you don’t have one it might be tricky to pull off).

    The things that make the best blog post are things people are passionate about to the point where they want to share that passion with other people. So, what are you passionate about?

  8. 8. Greg van Eekhout

    Show us an annotated picture of what’s in your fridge.

  9. 9. Charlie Finlay

    sonnet entitled how to run your blog)

    A always don’t there B being no such thing
    for C constant updates instead D drink and

    E eat of your voice in whose music the machinery of spring
    lives F feel open because readers understand
    G good reads sometimes instead of less

    with every least post most remembering
    H happy the day you lighten their slog

    (sestet entitled words are flesh or swim
    in ink and dare to pixel any dream:
    laugh means more than snore, silence less than guess)

    I item you immaculately owe
    sfnovelists one day and will your weeks to these

    children building a rainman out of snow

  10. 10. Mike

    Well, I decided we never seem to have any science in our science fiction here at sfnovelists (and yes, I know s = speculative, but still), so I have my niche. People interested in sceince fiction are interested in science, often enough, so given that there are a lot of posts here concerning the writing/publishing process, I’m going to do something different and less incestuous.

    Find your niche where you can consistently be interesting and different from everyone else.

  11. 11. Karen Wester Newton

    I tend to blog about my reaction to publishing news. GalleyCat is good for that, also, the NY Times, and the Guardian Unlimited (UK paper) Books section. You don’t just parrot back what you read, though. You only comment if it moves you.

    I liked Charlie’s poem! He seems to have quite a poetic streak lately.

  12. 12. Sarah Prineas

    So let me see if I’ve got this right. A good blog has:

    Pictures of fridge
    Star Wars lego (gets two votes!)
    Veiled snark
    Publishing news from respected sources!
    Interesting and different (uh oh)
    Something I’m passionate about (hmmm)
    Adventure (with pictures, like Carrie!)

    Okay. Got it. So my plan next week will to blog about cats, the weather, writing, and Star Wars Lego…in rhymed couplets, with pictures (though not necessarily of fridge)!!

  13. 13. Charlie Finlay

    Karen, all the good parts belong, I am positive, to e. e. cummings, whose poem I stole to make this one.

  14. 14. Karen Wester Newton

    Oh, and I was so impressed!

  15. 15. Edwin McRae

    I think the fastest way to give yourself stage fright, performance anxiety, or literary tongue bondage, is to try to second guess what other people find interesting. Half the time they don’t know what they find interesting either. Just write about what does it for you and let the audience take it from there.

  16. 16. Simon Haynes

    The most visited post on my blog is about happy toast, closely followed by the ‘stalking Ben Elton’ one.

    Oddball is good, but not too often. I think the occasional humour grenade in an otherwise straight blog is good.

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