Early Novel Gets the (Book)Worm?

There’s no cover art or back cover copy yet to tempt you with, but Amazon.com has already listed Romancing the Dead (Garnet Lacey, 3) as available for pre-order.

May I say that this seems a bit premature to me? The book isn’t scheduled to be released until May 6, 2008. And, in fact, I only just turned in my copy-edited manuscript last Friday.

My inclination is to take this as a positive sign. A longer period for people to place orders may mean that there’ll be a larger print run….uh, right?

But, seriously, does anyone out there really know what the advantages are to having a book available for pre-order so far in advance?

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  1. 1. Jim C. Hines

    Goblin War has been up for months, and doesn’t come out until March of 08. From tracking the ranking at TitleZ, it’s gotten maybe a dozen preorders so far.

    ::Shrug:: I figure it can’t hurt…

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