Care and Feeding of Newborn Books

Today is the book birthday of SORCERY AND THE SINGLE GIRL – my second Jane Madison novel is available in stores (both electronic and bricks-and-mortar) nationwide. This one is a special thrill for me, because there’s a shadow of a hint of a possibility that it might make an extended national bestseller list. (Enough copies of the book have been printed, distribution is in place…) Even if I never see even the bottom of a bestseller list, I look forward to selling enough copies to make a sizable donation to First Book, a national non-profit dedicated to giving under-privileged children their first books to own forever. (I donate 10% of all my writing profits on the Witchcraft books to First Book.)

With each book release, more people ask me how they can help their favorite authors to succeed. Here are five easy tips:

1. Talk up the books – in person, on your website, on your blog. Get the author’s name out there, so that newcomers can discover the book.

2. Review the book in public venues, such as Amazon. Studies consistently indicate that readers and potential purchasers pay attention to reviews. While you’re on Amazon, consider creating a “list” for their listmania.

3. Ask for the book in stores. Don’t promise that you’ll buy copies if you have no intention of buying them, but let store personnel know that they should stock books that they do not currently carry.

4. “Face” the book in stores. Turn the book so that it sits on shelves face out, rather than spine out. (Yes, I know this is controversial. No, I don’t care :-) ) I don’t advocate covering other books on the shelves; rather, free the librarian in your soul and do a little shifting to clear appropriate space.

5. Whenever possible, buy books in bricks-and-mortar stores. Yes, I know that some people can’t get to “real-world” stores. Yes, I know that some “real-world” stores have limited stock. But, unlike Amazon, “real-world” stores order stock based on how well the author’s last book sold. The book that you buy today helps guarantee availability of future books on store shelves.

What other techniques have you found to support your favorite authors?

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  1. 1. SarahP

    Best of luck to you and the book, Mindy!!!

    Pretty much the same techniques you mention, the main one being schlepping over to Prairie Lights to get a copy, and ordering it if they don’t have it.

  2. 2. Kelly McCullough

    Hey Mindy,

    Good luck, hope this turns out to be an auspicious birthday for both our books.

  3. 3. Bran fan

    Give books as gifts, request books for gifts for yourself. Every holiday, my family gets books from me and I get books from them. That way, even if book buying isn’t in our weekly budget, we are sure to buy lots of books at least once a year.

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