Welcome back!

Welcome back to SF Novelists. Over a year ago when we first created this site it was planned to be a gathering place for readers to find out about science fiction and fantasy novelists, and get to hang out.

The initial site aggregated feeds from all our personal blogs and pointed out our latest novels. Now we’re in the process of relaunching with a new theme, and lots of new and original content. Our members will be blogging original posts here, and we will still point out our aggregated personal feeds off to the side. We will point out our new work, links to samples, podcasts, videos, and much much more interesting stuff.

We hope you’ll ride along!

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Tobias Buckell
Tobias Buckell

Tobias is a professional blogger, freelance writer, and author of 2 novels. His Caribbean roots often inform his fiction, but so does his love of technology, science, and the rapidly changing world all around us. Visit site.



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